Electroluminescent (EL) Lamps are flexible, flat, thin and cold illumination light sources that can be cut into complex shapes
for lighting usages. It works on a principal of converting electrical energy into light energy. EL lamps have a uniformly lighted
and non-glaring surface. It is cool during operation as no heat is generated. The lamp is extremely thin & light in weight.
The flexibility of the lamps allows it to be bend to suit many contours. The power consumption is low comparing the other
lighting sources. It is not subjected to catastrophic failure.
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Application of EL lamp ( I )

Backlight for partable electronics devices
Such as cell phone, pager displays, watches, calculators and other consumer electronic products

Lighting for Automotive
Illumination for dashboards and instrument dusters.
Architectural and Decorative
Strip lighting for stairs and pathways
Interior and exterior lighting
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